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  • Prohibition Liquor Co Original Gin - Angled Prohibition Liquor Co Original Gin - Front Label
    Prohibition Gin is the culmination of a vision to recreate the genuine spirit of clandestine heritage, with contemporary craftsmanship and top notch botanical ingredients. Our unique flavour story starts with wormwood, a banned substance in prohibition era, better known for creating absinthe. This with a tinge of blood… Blood orange and ruby red grapefruit delivers a fresh citrus edge, taking juniper, coriander and ginger root on a journey away from the standard. We bring in an Australian native lemon myrtle and subtle notes of green tea, vanilla and lavender to soften the finish and draw out flavour depth on the palate. The result is a sophisticated, deep flavour with a fresh citrus note and warm peppery finish.
  • Bathtub Cut Front Bathtub Cut Front
    Bathtub Cut Gin - 500ml bottle - 69%. Prohibition Gin is the culmination of a vision to recreate the genuine spirit of clandestine heritage, with contemporary craftsmanship and top notch botanical ingredients.
  • PLC Shiraz Gin Jaunty Angle PLC Shiraz Gin Front
    500ml – 60% 2019 release now available! Move over shiraz gins and barrel aged gins, here is the new standard: prohibition shiraz barrel aged gin! We have aged a 60% expression of our original gin in custom coopered barrels which formerly held American bourbon, then most recently barossa valley shiraz - recharred and now giving new life to our shiraz barrel aged gin. This overproof blush coloured spirit is soft and silky with a gentle shiraz note and rich oaked rye back-note. It's punchy, yet still maintains the vanilla and floral notes which define PLC gins - perfect on ice, with soda or in your favourite cocktail!
  • 500ml – 37% Lovers of the traditional Italian classic cocktail the 'Negroni' will find a new love in the form of this 'All Australian Negroni' featuring our 69% Bathtub Cut Gin. Replacing the traditional Campari with Applewood Red Okar and featuring Maidenii Sweet Vermouth, this rich, earthy Australian take on the classic is a joy to behold. With less acidity than traditionally associated with a Negroni and despite its high alcohol content, it is easy drinking, soft, well rounded and richly botanical driven, with 50 individual botanicals between its 3 spirit ingredients. Serve on ice with a twist of orange peel, it will convert anyone to a Negroni lover!
  • Prohibition Muscat Gin - Rear Prohibition Muscat Gin - Front
    Here’s what happens when original PLC Gin is given a 10-month spell inside a 300-litre French oak barrel which once homed ageing Muscat at a McLaren Vale winery. PLC’s new Muscat Barrel Aged Gin is fruity and delicate with confection flavours of fig, date, vanilla and almond, along with the unmistakable sweet, fortified influence of Muscat. This golden spirit is smooth yet punchy – perfect on ice or as a New Fashioned.
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    Prohibition Liquor Co Sour Cherry Gin, Rear Prohibition Liquor Co Sour Cherry Gin, Front Label
    With a massive hit of late season Morello Cherries, this gin is a gorgeous cherise colour and a cherry flavour which packs a punch. The perfect balance of sweet and sour, with a floral and unmistakable cherry finish, this gin is perfect served neat, on ice or with your favourite tonic or soda, or even better in a cocktail! As Prohibition's take on a 'pink gin', this is no shrinking violet and has flavour for days. The bottle adorned with a back label image of a group of prohibition era 'flappers' dancing on a block of ice is as fun as its contents. Enjoy! This is a true small-batch product, with only 550 bottles produced, make sure you get in quick it will go fast!
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    Prohibition Liquor Co Christmas Gin Front Prohibition Liquor Co Christmas Gin on dark background with out of focus fairy lights
    Prohibition Christmas Gin is crafted from a perfect blend of Australian dry gin with with macerated glace cherries, figs, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and gentle star anise, with some extra botanicals to add softness and spice. Prohibition Christmas Gin is sweet and spicy, with a cut through of citrus and juniper, which keeps it true to its signature gin flavour components whilst reminding you of your favourite Christmas pudding. Great over ice, enhancing its liqueur characteristics or in your favourite Christmas Cocktail. Don't miss out on your bottle of limited release 2019 Prohibition Christmas Gin - they won't last! Order now and guarantee your bottle of Christmas Gin today. Expected delivery early November 2019.

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