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Clear Ice

Clear Ice Cocktail Instructions:

A small insulated esky
Filtered water
Long serrated knife
Cutting board

1. Pour the filtered water into the insulated cooler until it's three quarters full. Leaving the cover open, freeze cooler for 24 hours (no less, no more) to avoid the ice block freezing all the way through.
2. Remove the cooler from the freezer, turn cooler upside-down over the sink to release ice.
3. Under hot running water, use the knife to chip off the partially frozen layer of ice, leaving only the clear layer of ice. Smooth any jagged edges under the running water.
4. Place the ice block on a cutting board and score 1-2cm deep with the knife, then gently strike with the back of the knife to break ice off in a clean block. Use the same method to shape into your desired size and shape and use immediately.

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