Prohibition Liquor Co. 2024 Player’s Recipe Crows Gin celebrates the Adelaide Crows with a blend of tradition and innovation. Crafted by AFL and AFLW dual-premiership players, this gin embodies connection, club, and the pride of South Australia.

The forward lines are led by juniper, strawberry gum, and South Australian ruby grapefruit. This is followed by playful lemon myrtle on the wing. Native whipstick-wattleseed and saltbush supporting in the back-half dig up memories of the great state & land we belong to. Macadamia and vanilla, just like a classy midfielder, help tie it all together.


Courtney Cramey — 2017 & 2019 Premiership player
Mark Bickley — 1997 & 1998 Premiership player
Peter Caven — 1997 & 1998 Premiership player

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