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Bootleg Craft Spirits - Hazelnut & Macadamia Liqueur

22% ABV | 500ml

Discover Bootleg Craft Spirit’s limited-run Hazelnut and Macadamia Liqueur. Packed with freshly roasted hazelnuts and creamy macadamias, this liqueur is enlivened by wattleseed, vanilla, cacao, coffee, orange zest, barrel-aged gin, brandy, and a touch of local honey.

Splash some on ice with a lime wedge, mix it with soda or dry ginger ale, or even give your morning coffee a kick in the nuts. It’s also perfect for mixing in cocktails – try adding a measure to whisky sours, espresso martinis, or your negroni. Unapologetically nutty, undeniably delicious.

*Contains hazelnuts and macadamia nuts, may contain traces of other nuts.


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