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Bootleg Series:
Native Citrus Gin

47% ABV | 500ml

The first issue of our specialty Bootleg series is made in the spirit of satisfying the most discerning of our clandestine crew. Brazen and bright citrus and lively eucalypt are both elevated through raised ABV%. This one-of-a-kind gin has been curated with the inspired profile of our ginner-sanctum and has become a favourite among the distillery team, a contemporary-styled gin, with some of the world’s oldest flavours.

Reminiscent of ice-cold cocktails on hot summer days, and the clean air of a bush-walk, lemon myrtle’s icy-pole and sherbet flavours, with tart notes from finger lime leap forward.

The gin pulls you back in for more with notes of grassy eucalypt, strawberry shortcake, sea brine, marzipan and candied lemon peel from wild thyme, strawberry gum, saltbush, wattleseed and Geraldton wax respectively. Enjoy as a G&T, built into a Collins or fashion yourself a truly memorable martini. 


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