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Adelaide Festival Gin

42% ABV | 500ML

Adelaide Festival is an icon of the Australian cultural landscape, at Prohibition Liquor Co. we’re incredibly proud to collaboratively unveil ‘Adelaide Festival Gin’. The Festival Spirit. 

This exclusive creation captures the essence of South Australia, celebrating the vibrant culture, botanical landscape and unique character. From the beats of cultural performances to the spirit of artistic expression, each sip is a journey through this remarkable region. Bright, zesty, and aromatic – reminiscent of eucalypt, orange sherbet and icy poles on sunny summer days. A luxurious palette, with native spice and elements of the seaside.


Festival Collins

45ml Prohibition AF Gin
25ml Lemon juice
15ml Simple syrup
90ml Soda water
3 Slices of cucumber
Dash of orange bitters (optional) 

1. Add non-bubbly ingredients to a cocktail shaker
2. Lightly muddle cucumber and shake with ice
3. Pour into Collins glass and top with ice and soda
4. Garnish with lemon myrtle leaf or fresh lemon and mint.