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Blood Orange Gin
2022 Harvest

44% ABV | 500ML

Juicy blood oranges have been paired with Riverland lemons and mandarins to create a loud and playful mix of citrus contrast and depth. Strawberry gum, chamomile and cinnamon myrtle enhance the floral characteristics, while local almonds and rivermint also feature as part of this year’s story. Our most citrus-forward spirit yet, this vibrant, expressive gin is best served as a G&T, or as a summertime spritz. Garnish with a blood orange slice and a fresh sprig of mint.  


Moonlight Gin

42% ABV | 500ML

A nocturnal dance between the dark arts of flavour and the light of cutting-edge scientific production. Equal parts dark and light, reflecting the colour changes of the moon. It’s a pink gin for those unafraid to embrace their dark side. Moonlight Gin is an homage to all things flourishing under the cover of darkness. A dance of flavour, florals and aromas, watch the colour-shift explode with luminescence when mixed. This bootlegger’s bouquet combines cold distilled pink lady apple with native blood limes and rare red juniper. Black goji, clove and hibiscus tease the mid palate, sandalwood nut provides mouthfeel while honeybush gives length. Our most baroque creation yet.


Field Blend Shiraz Gin
2023 Harvest

38% ABV | 500ML

Inspired by classical-style winemaking techniques, where grapes of different varietals are co-fermented. McLaren Vale’s Mediterranean style climate provides vignerons the perfect conditions for low acid, full bodied fruit. Textured and lifted, with notes of violets, elderflower, raspberries and a distinct piney juniper backbone, the perfect integration of gin botanicals and grape maceration.

Perfect in a fruit-forward Mediterranean style gin and tonic, with soda, or your favourite ginger ale. Cocktail serves include a spectacular gin sour, vibrant spritz or a bramble.



38% ABV | 500ml

Our 2023 Christmas Gin is a delightfully bright & decadent expression of our most festive spirit. Lashings of figs from the Adelaide Hills are elevated with cherries & late harvest Chardonnay grapes.

All manners of Christmas spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves work in harmony with Riverland citrus in this true spirit of Christmas. As always, it is perfect served in a Yuletide-styled French 75, drizzled on Christmas pudding, or enjoyed with ice cream for a festive, epicurean dessert.

Christmas Gin comes in its own themed rose gold filigree gift box.

To receive your order in time for Christmas Day, order by:

  • Standard Shipping 12pm Sunday 17th Dec
  • Express Shipping 12pm Tuesday 19th Dec

Christmas Gin 2023

Our 2023 Christmas Gin is a delightfully bright & decadent expression of our most festive spirit.

Christmas Gin 2022 Bundle

Christmas Gin bundle featuring the best of 2022 with Christmas Gin and Barrel Aged Gin.

Field Blend Shiraz Gin

Textured and lifted, with notes of violets, elderflower, raspberries and a distinct piney juniper backbone, the perfect integration of gin botanicals and grape maceration.

Original Gin

The culmination of a vision to recreate the genuine spirit of clandestine heritage, with contemporary craftsmanship and top notch botanical ingredients.

Bootleg Coffee Liqueur

Rich, dark, and velvety, coffee that’s brewed cold & bottled bold. Bootleg Coffee Liqueur celebrates Australia’s famous caffeine culture, well into the night.

Juniperus Gin

Juniperus is our most classical expression and a tribute to a London Dry Gin.

Moonlight Gin

Our most baroque creation yet with a dance of flavour, florals and aromas. Watch this colour changing pink gin flourish before your eyes.

Navy Strength Gin

Celebrates our gin’s naval heritage with the scent of salty ocean breeze and freshness of native lime and saltbush.

Shiraz Barrel Aged Gin

Soft and silky with a gentle shiraz and rich oaked rye back notes, revealing toasty and layered bourbon flavours from deep within the barrel.
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