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Field Blend Shiraz Gin
2023 Harvest

38% ABV | 500ML

Inspired by classical-style winemaking techniques, where grapes of different varietals are co-fermented. McLaren Vale’s Mediterranean style climate provides vignerons the perfect conditions for low acid, full bodied fruit. Textured and lifted, with notes of violets, elderflower, raspberries and a distinct piney juniper backbone, the perfect integration of gin botanicals and grape maceration.

Perfect in a fruit-forward Mediterranean style gin and tonic, with soda, or your favourite ginger ale. Cocktail serves include a spectacular gin sour, vibrant spritz or a bramble.


Original Gin

42% ABV | 700ML
Prohibition Gin is the culmination of a vision to recreate the genuine spirit of clandestine heritage, with contemporary craftsmanship and top-notch botanical ingredients. Our unique flavour story starts with wormwood, a banned substance in prohibition era, better known for creating absinthe. This with a tinge of blood… Blood orange and ruby red grapefruit delivers a fresh citrus edge, taking juniper, coriander and ginger root on a journey away from the standard. We bring in an Australian native lemon myrtle and subtle notes of green tea, vanilla and lavender to soften the finish and draw out flavour depth on the palate. The result is a sophisticated, deep flavour with a fresh citrus note and warm peppery finish.

Navy Strength Gin

58% ABV | 500ML
This gin compliments the rough seas, celebrating our juniper-based spirit’s naval heritage. A nose of salty ocean breeze gives way to notes of native lime interplayed by seagrass. A combination of juniper distilled through maceration and vapour infusion creates a melody of depth and mouthfeel. Sweetness and elevated texture are provided by macadamia and vanilla. The lifted finish is stormed by ginger, grapefruit peel and salt as the drink takes sail, three sheets to the wind.

Blood Orange Cello

Zesty, lively and refreshing - a vibrant liqueur that’s bound to become a close companion.

BBQ Bob's Gin

Prohibition designed this special recipe gin with BBQ Bob, to reflect a classic London Dry style, with fresh citrus and a warmth of spice.

Small Batch Gin Martini

The perfect pre-made dry martini combining our Original Gin with a splash of Regal Rogue Lively White Vermouth

Virtual Masterclass

Online masterclass on expert cocktail making, the history of gin distilling, how to enjoy the perfect Prohibition G&T and more!